Gain the most Critical Acclaim and earn the title of Gourmand!


You are chefs working alongside each other creating the most eclectic and unique Dishes to add to your menu. Gourmand is a trick-taking card game where you build Dishes using Ingredients and trendy Techniques to meet a Dish's Complexity and win the praise of the food critics.


In the Community, there are shared Dishes that everyone is attempting to win. In your Pocket, you have an exclusive, Signature Dish that you are racing to complete.

Each Dish that you are making starts with a concept (like pizza). You take turns attaching Techniques and Ingredients matching a Dish's Allowed Food Group to meet a Dish's Complexity. When the Complexity is met, you win that Dish and add it to your menu. This repeats until all the Dishes in the Community are complete.

How to win

You count the number of Critical Acclaim (stars) from the Dishes, Techniques, and Ingredients to see who has won the praise of the food critics. Whoever has the most Critical Acclaim wins!


  • Trick-taking

  • Hand management

  • Community development

  • Counting & Simple Math

  • Food Groups


  • 108 poker-sized cards

    • 24 Dishes

    • 63 Ingredients

    • 21 Techniques

  • 1 Rulebook


Players: 2 - 5

Ages: 14+

Duration: 30 minutes


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